A Canadian boy experiences brain trauma as a result of a Russian crime ring and becomes a child prodigy. Thirteen years later his brother suffers a similar trauma, making him the second prodigy within the same family.

In PRODIGY BROTHERS, filmmaker Joe Camoriano provides a “behind-the-scenes” look at what life is like for Josh and Zac, two Canadian brothers who are prodigies - one in art, the other in music. An attack from a Russian crime ring while Josh was still in his mother’s womb, may have led to Josh’s prodigiousness, as explained by experts in psychology and neuroscience. A similar trauma thirteen years later may have led his brother Zac to become a prodigy in his own right. We are able to capture a few moments of their lives as they pursue their separate passions. By the end, we begin to appreciate the bond they have together and learn that prodigies are not that different from us.

Director's Filmography

Director, writer, producer Joe Camoriano, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, January 3, began his career in local television as a commercial producer/news director while still in college. After graduation, he became a producer/director of long-format videos at his alma mater, the University of Missouri-Columbia. In 1997, he moved to Chicago where he was national anchor/reporter for the world’s first fully digital network, Channel Earth Communications, Inc.

He has since won an Oscar in Agriculture for his cinematography, a bronze Telly Award for his own television show he created, and a Mid-America EMMY award for his second feature documentary, Vanessa’s Story (2009).

He is currently director of national broadcast media at The Ohio State University where he is also a liaison to film crews as a location manager, contract negotiator and extra, appearing in I Am Wrath (2016) with John Travolta, The Tank (2017) and Schwarzenegger’s Aftermath (2017). Prodigy Brothers (2017) is his third feature length documentary that he has written, directed, produced, and edited.