Director, writer, producer Joe Camoriano, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, January 3, began his career in local television as a commercial producer/news director while still in college. After graduation, he became a producer/director of long-format videos at his alma mater, the University of Missouri-Columbia. In 1997, he moved to Chicago where he was national anchor/reporter for the world’s first fully digital network, Channel Earth Communications, Inc. He has since won an Oscar in Agriculture for his cinematography, a bronze Telly Award for his own television show he created, and a Mid-America EMMY award for his second feature documentary, Vanessa’s Story (2009). He is currently director of national broadcast media at The Ohio State University where he is also a liaison to film crews as a location manager, contract negotiator and extra, appearing in I Am Wrath (2016) with John Travolta, The Tank (2017) and Schwarzenegger’s Aftermath (2017). Prodigy Brothers (2018) is his third feature length documentary that he has written, directed, produced and edited. IMDb: